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Why do we use vegetable tanned leather for our shoes?

Eat your vegetables…and wear them too. All of the hides used for our Undandy shoes are dyed with natural vegetable tannins (from barks, branches, leaves, even fruit) which has been the traditional method of dyeing since leather first started to be used for clothing. 

Although the decision to use vegetable tanned leather means the cost of the shoes is higher, ultimately for dress shoe connoisseurs there can be no exception. The superior quality of vegetable dyed leather cannot be compared to chrome or chemically dyed leathers which although have a lower cost and are faster to produce are ultimately not as hardwearing or as good quality. The finished result of the leather when dyed in this manner is natural, with an earthy feel and scent, which also develops a rich natural patina after use and age. The dyeing also leads to unique and subtle shades in colour. This lack of consistency in colour is actually not defective, as it might appear, and is typically characteristic of high quality tanned leather. This method is also environmentally friendly so really, we can’t think of any better reasons to use this for our carefully crafted shoes. 

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