The Journal

Shoe Business Pt. 24

At Undandy we are hugely grateful and humbled by the customers we have from around the world, those who respect traditions but aren’t afraid to break the rules, those who walk the path in their Undandys. The fourth client in our shoe business series is Anthony Bravo. Anthony is a modern day gent who is the epitome of an Undandy. As well as being a shoe connoisseur, Anthony has a fast growing vintage pen collection and takes pride in always having perfectly lined suits. As an Undandy knows, its the details that make the man.


Describe your style?

Professional but individual, with a twist. 

Can you tell us about your favourite pair of Undandys and why you designed them? 

The hand painted (15 by Powell) Oxfords because they are so unique and go with my light suits. Also the green and burgundy ones (the 48 by Hadrian)as they look lovely with green chinos or teal suit. People comment on both!


Who would be your dream dinner guest and why? 

Muhammad Ali, the greatest of all time. Just to be in his presence would be incredible. So far I am only a national champion at kick boxing. Not a multiple world champion. 

What is on your bucket list?

I am lucky and have done practically everything I want. So it would have to be simple things like visit Asia but most important for me is to see my youngest son grow up 

What is your life philosophy?

Treat others the way you would like to be treated 

Be the best at anything you do. 

Bad things happen for a purpose and most clouds have silver linings.

You normally regret things you don’t do rather than those you do.


Here’s to good health, good principles and above all, good shoes!