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Every great Undandy should tell a story from his sole outwards and Lee Palmer is perhaps the greatest storyteller we’ve seen so far. One of our dearest customers at Undandy and a real design maverick on the customiser, Lee mixes leather shades and textures with a whirling dervish sense of style. There is certainly method to this man’s madness.

15 by Lee Palmer Boot

Lee designed his boots in homage to the late, great Bowie, and his on-stage persona from the early 1970s Ziggy Stardust. Just like his idol, Lee had a vanguard approach to designing these boots, choosing lagoon blue suede, red and burgundy leather and silver patent for an extra nod to Bowie’s iconic ‘Aladdin Sane’ album cover. At Undandy we were so blown away by the design, that we immortalised the Lee Palmer boot on our site, for other customers to order or take inspiration from for their own custom designs.


David Bowie - Undandy


And thus, from one pop culture icon to another, this story and that boot design takes another curious twist and heads to Hollywood. When the US TV show Gotham’s costume department were creating character wardrobes for Season 4, they couldn’t help but notice the eye-catching design on our site for none other than the Joker. Perfectly suiting the Joker’s anarchic personality, it seems fair to say that these boots are truly for those who make up their own rules.

Gotham - 15 by Lee Palmer - Undandy

From Aladdin Sane to The Joker, a brief history of pop culture in one pair of boots. Upon hearing this curious tale, ask yourself gents, what will your own legacy be?

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