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Why do some guys have all the luck?

The Persuaders sang it first in 1973, followed by a god-awful cover by Rod Stewart a decade later. But is it really true? Do some guys have all the luck?

On the surface of it, it seems entirely probable. There are guys that simply upon entering a room have all the women in it captivated. These guys don’t have the best job, the flashiest car or dazzling good looks that put Brad Pitt to shame. Well, some of them do, but an awful lot of these men don’t appear at first glance to have anything over the Average Joe. So why is it they seem to have a spotlight on them wherever they go, and the fixed attention of both men and women?  Scratch a little under the surface and you’ll find there’s a common point with all these men and is the veritable secret of their not so

God given charm. The Alpha male is the leader of the pack and can be summed up as being the guy every other guy wants to be and the guy every woman wants to be with. Unidentifiable from a distance however there are a few common characteristics every alpha shares. The reason they can command the room just by entering it, is primarily down to body language. Their confident physicality signals that they are in control and gives them undeniable presence. The other is dressing well and not being afraid to stand out. What is common amongst all alpha men, as well as insuring their likeliness to take control and leadership in many situations is that they inspire admiration.  In essence, that others want to imitate and emulate the alpha. 

So how does one ensure that one stands apart from the crowd, for all the right reasons? The answer, naturally in our books, is wearing good shoes. Often the first thing a person notices at first introduction is subconsciously, their shoes. The University of Kansas were actually able to prove this, when they carried out a recent study on how much people can judge accurately a person just by looking at their shoes. Overwhelming 90% of the participants were able to accurately guess a person’s status and personality traits on their shoes alone. And if you really want to show them who’s boss, why not design your own shoes? When you’re unafraid to walk your own path, you’re leading by example. And what’s more attractive and characteristic of an alpha male than someone who is a good leader?

In conclusion, don’t prescribe to theories that some are just born lucky. In this world, you make your own luck.

Here’s to good health, good principles and above all, good shoes.

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