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Have you ever walked past a woman and felt ignored?

For anyone who has ever experienced the icy cold hand of being ignored, particularly by the opposite sex, it’s easy to see that the opposite of love isn’t hate but mere indifference. There’s seemingly no shortage of attractive women. and despite Tinder masquerading as the effortless facilitator to all modern romance, it actually feels harder to get a woman’s attention these days. One starts to wonder whether you have to be a rock star, it’s still incredulous that Billy Joel managed to woo supermodel Christie Brinkley. Seriously that guy lucked out in the major leagues there. Ironically though it may feel like it, you’re certainly not alone in wondering why you’re still getting left to the side lines when it comes to the opposite sex.

Yet there is hope. It’s often been said that one of the first things a woman notices in a prospective partner is his shoes, and now we’ve got the research to back it up. A study at the University of Kansas recently found that people were able to accurately predict 90% of a person’s job, income, even political and sexual leanings, just by looking at their shoes. It appears that though the eyes might be the window to the soul but shoes are the window to everything else.

If you want a woman to start noticing you, then you’ve got to start at the sole. The general consensus show that Oxford cap toes get their attention at the workplace, and Chukka boots are the perfect date night shoe. Good shoes are your personal calling card but what’s an even better way to ensure your footwork is hitting all the right moves than by designing your own? With over a billion different design combinations at your fingertips on our online customiser and in the comfort of your home, finding the right shoes has never been easier.

That old adage of always investing one’s money on things that separate you from the ground, shoes, beds and tires, never seemed truer. And perhaps updating your Tinder profile to include your shoes. I’ll leave the poses to your imagination.

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