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Step into Spring

And yet another season has snuck up on us and this surely has to be one of my favourites.

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Behind every great pair of shoes, there should always be a greater man. Discover the path of enlightenment, and discover our world.

Style Guide | 08 Mar 2018
The perfect shoes to wear with jeans
No outfit is complete without the perfect complementary shoes. As you know by now, your shoes can make or break a look.
Mr Undandy | 22 Feb 2018
The Power of Self Expression
Once we have embraced a more authentic path, be it through style or attitude, that is truly a marriage between our outer and inner selves, what is the return on investment?
Style Guide | 16 Feb 2018
Why do shoes make the man?
For someone who was defined by not being the sharpest tool in the drawer, Forest Gump often had some incredulously sage words of wisdom, "My Mama always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.
Style Guide | 14 Feb 2018
Beauty in each and every Brushstroke
For true shoe lovers there can be nothing better than a pair of hand-painted shoes that, due to the subtle differences in leathers and application by hand, will be as individual as its owner.
Style Guide | 06 Feb 2018
A Brief History of a Brogue
We have a saying here, ‘if it isn’t brogue, don’t fix it.’ Even if you’re a total shoe novice you will have heard of the eponymous brogue and it’s as British as it gets, next to the Queen, a good brew, and fish and chips.
Style Guide | 06 Feb 2018
A Gentleman’s Cut
More often than not, it is the smallest of details that sets a true gentleman apart.


Navigating the modern world can be a somewhat perilous task faced with many pitfalls.

The Ways of the Undandy is manual for the modern gentleman and a reminder that some manners will never go out of style.

Create your own Manifesto
A Manifesto has nothing to do with power or success (who even knows what that means). It is about defining your deeper self. The values you strive for. Your best self on display for the world. So, design your own, or use the Ways of the Undandy ad libitum
Contemporary craftmanship
The art of shoemaking

Undandys are proudly handcrafted in a third-generation shoe workshop in São João da Madeira, often referred to as the shoe capital of Portugal. Portuguese craftsmanship is world renowned, most of our cobblers have been working with shoes for over 40 years passed from generation to generation, with incredible passion and dedication to crafting each and every pair of shoes.

Our purpose
The why's of Undandy

In a world where everyone is trying to fit in, the only way to be truly unique is to be yourself.