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The Secrets of Sartorial Perfection from the Silver Screen

Oscar Wilde famously noted that ‘Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life’. The style showcased on the silver screen are sometimes the best to take sartorial inspiration from, so sit up gents and learn from the greats.

The Talented Mr Ripley

A fine example of artful 50s menswear can be seen in Anthony Minghella’s ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’. Press fast forward on the psychopathy and enjoy the pleasure of American and European style showcased so gloriously in this movie. Classic tailoring and casual resort wear set against a Southern Italian background with a distinct American twist. New York playboy and Ivy League dissident - Dickie Greenleaf, full of blueblood swagger is the real fashion hero of the film in penny loafers, soft linen suits and 1950s bowling shirts.



The movie is an inspired take on spy movies of the past, but the British style is the real stand out star and true espionage of this film. The Kingsman wardrobe is quite literally at the heart of this modern spy caper. Commandeered by British acting stalwart Colin Firth the movie couldn’t be closer to the beating heart of British men’s style by being set on Saville Row.

Ocean's 11

Ocean’s 11

And 12. And 13. Every couple of years a film comes along that men will watch as much for the men’s wardrobe as well as the action. Basically, this movie series is only really relevant for two things, its fashion and the awe-inspiringly charismatic line up of Clooney, Pitt, Damon and Pacino. The Oceans’ series has all the hallmarks of an Undandy. They say there’s no honour amongst thieves but I would argue that in this series, this saying is devoid. 

The Thomas Crown Affair

The Thomas Crown Affair

Obviously the 1968 version. As much as we have a major crush on Rene Russo in the remake, Steven McQueen is superiorly stylish as the debonair Thomas Crown in the original. If you’re taking inspiration from Hollywood for men’s style, you really won’t go that long without finding Steve McQueen. From three piece suits, thick cable knit sweaters to Wayfarers, Crown’s character was channelling irreverent billionaire style before even robbing the bank. 

Crazy stupid love - Undandy Hero

Crazy, Stupid Love

Yes, Ryan Gosling again. The current Hollywood boy wonder. All Gosling’s wardrobe for the movie was finely tailored for him but he didn’t get to keep any of it. Shame as the guy really wore the hell of out them. Even the chick flick style makeover Gosling’s lothario character of Cal gives to Steve Carrell’s poorly dressed divorcee which should come off as being totally cringe worthy is actually one of our favourite scenes.

Here’s to good health, good principles, and above all, good shoes.

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