Style Guide

Do’s and Don’ts of Perennially Stylish Gentlemen

As Undandys, it is your duty to strive for perfection and although style is the somewhat more superficial element of personal enlightenment, it should never be taken flippantly. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, once can never underestimate the importance of the first impression. So, to help you take a step in the right direction, permit me to lay out the rules of dressing stylishly. As men, we can enjoy the fact that unless you are highly atypical, a universally stylish dress code is a classic and easy formula to follow… Thereafter, once you know the rules, then you have the licence to break them.

1 - Learn to Tie a Tie

One’s tie should always conceal the collar band behind it. And while you are here, do not for one minute, underestimate the importance of length. The tie should gently touch one’s belt or trouser waistband.

2 - Don’t be a slave to trends or the lure of the novelty

Although as Undandys, one is free to unleash their inner creative genius but some trends should be left to the boys. Novelty socks and ties. Uncouth slogan t-shirts. Football kit off match days. Never commit these sins.

3 - Know the power of a navy suit

This flexible suit colour is the eternally flattering and can be far more effortless than a black or light-coloured suit from formal events to the office.

4 - There’s a difference between effortless and downright lazy 

Master the art of the second day stubble, but never cultivate nose hair.

5 - Tailoring

This is as basic as it gets gents. Your tailor should be on speed dial.

15 by Yuri Zhivago - Patent oxford dress shoe

6 - Invest in wardrobe classics

Men who look perennially stylish, always spend time and invest in quality pieces in your wardrobe. Once you have some great basics, then sleeping through your alarm and arriving to work late looking like the weirder brother of Javier Bardem from No Country for Old Men, will be a thing of the past.

7 - The only piece of jewellery a gentleman should wear is a watch

If you’re reading this with a Patek on your wrist then pat yourself on the back and stop reading now). And beyond that, a wedding band. Yes we know the subject is delicate, but when pondering a gold medallion or pinky signet ring, one should always consult the mirror and reflect. Deeply.

8 - Always, always say no to Speedos

Unless you’re competing in the Olympics. And even then, we’d really, really rather you didn’t.

9 - Polish your Shoes

You can always tell a gentleman by the shine on his shoes. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Never underestimate the importance of good shoes. Countless studies have reiterated that its one of the first things a woman looks at. So make sure you start on the right foot, so to speak.

10 - Confidence

If you don’t master this one, you can forget about all the other rules. Pride in one’s appearance begins with oneself. 

Here’s to good health, good principles and above all, good shoes. Mr. Undandy