Unleash your creative genius by customising shoes as authentic and utterly unique as you are

A traditional way of crafting, a contemporary way of purchasing

Contemporary Craftsmanship
The art of Shoemaking

Undandys are proudly handcrafted in a third-generation shoe workshop in São João da Madeira, often referred to as the shoe capital of Portugal. Portuguese craftsmanship is world renowned, most of our cobblers have been working with shoes for over 40 years passed from generation to generation, with incredible passion and dedication to crafting each and every pair of shoes.

Contemporary Craftsmanship

The art of Shoemaking

The Stroke of Genius

The creme de la creme of traditional, artisan craftmanship, this hand painted finish is utterly unique and breathes authenticity into each pair of shoes.


The Stroke of Genius


Mr Undandy

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Behind every great pair of shoes, there should always be a greater man. Discover the path of enlightenment.

Mr Undandy | 20 Jul 2017
The 5 Classic Dress Shoes Every Gentleman Should Own
You can’t make a first impression twice. With your shoes as the sartorial window to your soul, it’s important to consider what they say about you.
Mr Undandy | 12 Sep 2017
Do’s and Don’ts of Perennially Stylish Gentlemen
As Undandys, it is your duty to strive for perfection and although style is the somewhat more superficial element of personal enlightenment, it should never be taken flippantly.
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