Always Let Ladies Come First.
This is the climax of the book, and a simple rule to live by. Ladies should have precedence over men. And now that it is all laid out for you, take it slow, start softly, communicate openly and apply in every situation. Except when walking up stairs.
Schedule a Regular One to One With Yourself
In spite of the fact that busy social schedules play an important role, it is essential to get some free time to get back in touch with your inner Undandy. Go back to the basics. Enjoy a cigar with a few lugs of your favourite drink, study the chess maste
Occasionally Its Ok if You Just Can't.
When that 'Good Morning' alarm (read heart attack) goes off, it's just too hard to get out of bed. Like in many aspects of life, we just can't do it at first. We need time to prepare and put our mind to it. Worry not, just keep trying and dream a while ti
Believe in Karma.
All actions have consequences. Choose your own wisely and let that magnetic, positive energy boomerang back to you. Allow Karma to bring slow and exacting justice to the world and smile a little when it comes to someone you aren't fond of, if you are luck


Ways of the Undandy

Way #1
Create your own Manifesto
A Manifesto has nothing to do with power or success (who even knows what that means). It is about defining your deeper self. The values you strive for. Your best self on display for the world. So, design your own, or use the Ways of the Undandy ad libitum
Way #2
Never Leave a friend behind.
Never!... Unless you are going to dance and they don't dance. And if they don't dance, well, then there is no reason as to why they should be a friend of yours. You just don't need that kind of negativity in your life.
Way #3
Be the "Man" in Manners
For centuries, well-bred men had to be trained in all of the masculine arts. A gentleman should be able to plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, write a sonnet, solve equations, pitch manure, fight efficiently and die gallantly. As with style, goo
Way #4
Do Not Sell Your Sole to the Devil.
Doing business with the devil is never a great idea. The Prince of Darkness is a cunning creature that always gets his way. Of course you can bargain lesser items like your car or your soul in exchange for a lifetime of fun. However you should never sell
Way #5
If You Want Things Done Well, Do Them Yourself.
Stop asking why others don't do it properly and start asking why you aren't doing it. No man is too good to take out the recycling bin or be a UN negotiator. Roll up your sleeves, wield the axe and lead by example.
Way #6
Those Who Reflect, Do Not Need Mirrors.
Scrutinising and reflecting on one's actions is an important habit in life. It allows us to spot the mistakes we all make sometimes. With reflection, you can start to make small adjustments whenever you start to walk away from the path of awesomeness. So