Why Undandy is Better for you than Tinder

Ah the magic of modern technology, with an inexhaustible stream of cat vines, Tesco food deliveries and convenient banking at your fingertips. Whatever you want, the internet can provide it. But all these limitless options can start to get a bit exhausting, and no more so than when it comes to the dating world. With now over 100 million Tinder downloads and 12% of married active users since the app launched, it’s no wonder that swiping through countless profiles on Tinder can leave you cold. The perils of limitless options have long been extolled, but it seems like only now we’re heeding that advice. The ‘grass is greener’ dating culture that we are cultivating is bound to end in disappointment. No-one can possibly live up to the perfect partner you’ve created in your imagination. The illusive woman out there with the perfect gym honed body who isn’t self-absorbed, the beauty with brains, who also just happens to enjoy exactly the same hobbies as you and doesn’t nag like your mother.


However, with our 3D customiser you can design from head to toe, the perfect, timeless pair of shoes for you. Until Tinder comes up with that, it’s far wiser to trust Undandy to help you find your solemate. Although no promises that is any less addictive, after all there is no known cure for shoe addiction.


15’ by Tom Ripley

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