Feb 2019 | The Journal

Walk Down the Aisle

We had the pleasure of speaking with Pedro Braumann on why he chose a pair of Undandys for his big day.

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Behind every great pair of shoes, there should always be a greater man. Discover the path of enlightenment, and discover our world.

The Journal | 17 Feb 2019
Walk Down the Aisle: Navpreet
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How to Win Any Argument
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10 Resolutions for the New Year
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Suited and Booted
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The Best Shoes and Boots to wear for Fall
Heralded by the greatest artists and philosophers as the most picturesque season, the start of Autumn should not be gloomily seen as the end of Summer, but perhaps the most exciting season to display one’s proverbial peacock feathers.


Navigating the modern world can be a somewhat perilous task faced with many pitfalls.

The Ways of the Undandy is manual for the modern gentleman and a reminder that some manners will never go out of style.

Create your own Manifesto
A Manifesto has nothing to do with power or success (who even knows what that means). It is about defining your deeper self. The values you strive for. Your best self on display for the world. So, design your own, or use the Ways of the Undandy ad libitum
Contemporary craftmanship
The art of shoemaking

Undandys are proudly handcrafted in a third-generation shoe workshop in São João da Madeira, often referred to as the shoe capital of Portugal. Portuguese craftsmanship is world renowned, most of our cobblers have been working with shoes for over 40 years passed from generation to generation, with incredible passion and dedication to crafting each and every pair of shoes.

Our purpose
The why's of Undandy

In a world where everyone is trying to fit in, the only way to be truly unique is to be yourself.