Jun 2018 | Mr Undandy

10 Scientifically Proven Things That Every Man Should Do

As always actions speak louder than words, and facts are worthier than fiction.

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Behind every great pair of shoes, there should always be a greater man. Discover the path of enlightenment, and discover our world.

The Journal | 15 Jun 2018
The world is a book. Those who don’t travel, only read a page.
We’re delighted to launch our new backpack and holdall for adventures in great style.
Mr Undandy | 15 Jun 2018
Why do some guys have all the luck?
Scratch a little under the surface and you’ll find there’s a common point with all these men and is the veritable secret of their not so God given charm.
Mr Undandy | 04 Jun 2018
Have you ever walked past a woman and felt ignored?
For anyone who has ever experienced the icy cold hand of being ignored, particularly by the opposite sex, it’s easy to see that the opposite of love isn’t hate but mere indifference.
Style Guide | 22 May 2018
No Need to Break a Sweat
How to wear weather appropriate attire on duty during the summer months. Believe me sirs, when I say that sartorial excellence is achievable, no matter the Celsius.
Mr Undandy | 09 May 2018
How to Master the Art of Small Talk
Small talk may be written off as irreverent and superficial but facts as ever speak louder than unformulated opinions and in today’s society, there is just no going around it.
The Journal | 03 May 2018
Step up your Sneaker Game
To be the best in any field, you need to constantly adapt and be one step ahead of the game. We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Patina sneakers, each pair hand painted for a truly authentic touch to your off-duty wardrobe.


Navigating the modern world can be a somewhat perilous task faced with many pitfalls.

The Ways of the Undandy is manual for the modern gentleman and a reminder that some manners will never go out of style.

Create your own Manifesto
A Manifesto has nothing to do with power or success (who even knows what that means). It is about defining your deeper self. The values you strive for. Your best self on display for the world. So, design your own, or use the Ways of the Undandy ad libitum
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