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Walk Down the Aisle: Pedro

We had the pleasure of speaking with Pedro Braumann on why he chose a pair of Undandys for his big day. 

When & where did you get married?

I am from Portugal and Justine, my wife, my "Mais que Tudo", is French Caribbean. We wanted an outdoor ceremony in the north of Portugal. Our wedding was on the 24th of June of 2018 in a beautiful venue called Solar da Levada in Amares - Braga. We had an amazing weather on our big day!

Why did you choose Undandy?

I care about details, specially personalised ones. I always wanted to have bespoke shoes for our wedding because this day is so unique. While researching for the best options, Undandy caught my attention. The array of options when it comes to shoe models and the platform, where me, as a costumer, can customize the shoe and each part of it with different colours and materials, made me highly interested. I contacted Undandy and I noticed that the team was very supportive, attentive and knowledgeable. I had an idea in mind but because I was still undecided on which model to choose, I sent a picture of my wedding suit to your team. They suggested me a pair of Undandy shoes that got me so mesmerised, that I decided to place the order. This is how I became a customer and Undandy made me feel special and most of all a part of it.

What design did you go for?

I went for an Oxford, Undandy '15, all in calf leather and with a trio of the colours brown, mahogany and sand. Each shoe was engraved with our names and wedding date. I also ordered a sand colour leather belt to match with the shoes and the suit.

What was your choice of suit?

The theme of our wedding was "Chic in Summer", therefore I wanted something elegant, classic, summery, comfortable and light in colour. Luckily, I travel a lot between countries and continents as part of my job and when I visited Perth in Australia, I found a shop of a brand called MJ Bale. They happen to have this sand/beige fabric that I was looking for and I ended up tailoring a three-piece suit.

More than the best day of your life, your wedding day is supposed to be the most beautiful day of your life. Regardless of the style of wedding you have in mind, plan, research and prepare as much as you can before time. You might have to think about many details like the date, venue, decorations, invitations, gifts, catering, photographer, videographer, entertainment, musicians, DJ, your suit and of course your shoes... consider Undandy when it comes to this last but not least one. A good communication with your "wife to be", is essential and please during your wedding day, just be natural and enjoy it.

Something to share that was a particularly fun or memorable moment?

Because it was an outdoor ceremony in a beautiful venue with fountains and peacocks and I was planning to stay in a Quinta, 5 minutes way, I had in mind to walk the whole way as part of my entrance. However, a week before the wedding, while talking with my "wife to be" about the places we travelled I thought how cool it would be to arrive with a classic, old and fashionable Vespa. After all, we discovered so many places in Bali and in Thailand with a scooter. It would make so much sense. I tried to contact friends, friends of friends, motorcycle rental companies and Vespa Associations but with no luck. Guess what!? In the morning of the wedding, 2 hours before, the owner of a 1970’s Vespa surprised me with a phone call saying that he would give me the honour to use it for my entrance. Just like that. What a gentleman. He told that he was married and that he knew how important your wedding day is supposed to be. The whole day was memorable, and it started this way.

Life philosophy?

Figuratively, with passion and commitment, make caviar out of a can of tuna!

From all of the team at Undandy, our warm congratulations to Pedro and Justine for sharing their story. It was an absolute honour to be a small part of the big day.

Here’s to good health, good principles, and above all, good shoes.

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