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Take Care of Your Loved Ones

The Ultimate Shoe Care Guide to make sure your shoes last a lifetime.

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Style Guide | 22 May 2018
No Need to Break a Sweat
How to wear weather appropriate attire on duty during the summer months. Believe me sirs, when I say that sartorial excellence is achievable, no matter the Celsius.
Style Guide | 26 Apr 2018
An Ode to One’s Socks
Although ever fulfilling a practical role of being a necessary garment for one’s personal hygiene, socks are subtly considered in pertaining a person’s sartorial prowess and there are some serious style rules in formal wear.
Style Guide | 10 Apr 2018
Brushing up on one’s Shoe Vocabulary
As an Undandy it is your duty to try to converse in many languages. After all, as Gandhi once said, if you speak to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head and if you speak his language that goes to his heart.
Style Guide | 09 Apr 2018
Suited and Booted
There is nothing more frustrating than having that perfect suit hanging in your wardrobe but being in a pickle about the shoes to wear with it
Style Guide | 04 Apr 2018
The Measure of a Man
The most common issue with finding your proverbial sole mate is the unfortunate physiognomy we are born with, affecting matters of the heart and wardrobe.
Style Guide | 14 Mar 2018
Put your best foot forward
And yet another season has snuck up on us and this surely has to be one of my favourites.