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Undandy Our Customers rated us 4.75 out of 5. Thank you all! based on 157 reviews
by Yisroel on 2017-07-17
Are nice
by James Costa on 2017-07-08
Simply the best
Best sneakers I ever had. Have been wearing them so damn much that I might get a second pair as an extra!
by Robert on 2017-07-02
I have just received my pair. The scent of the leather whilst unwrapping, the sound of the soles hitting the ground transported me immediately to my childhood memories and a specific pair my father used to wear all the time. Excellent craftsmanship and fine materials. Will be ordering my second pair next week, thank you guys
by William on 2017-06-16
Love these shoes
I just received my pair yesterday. Fantastic fit, supple leather, beautiful finish. I wore them today and they are comfortable, as though they've already been broken in. I will be buying from this vendor again. Good job!
by William on 2017-06-16
Love these shoes
I just received my pair yesterday. Fantastic fit, supple leather, beautiful finish. I wore them today and they are comfortable, as though they've already been broken in. I will be buying from this vendor again. Good job!
by Hadrian, too on 2017-06-11
Oh Dear
I simply fall in love...
by Paul burton on 2017-06-07
Waiting for my shoes
Still waiting for my boots been a month now. 2 time been disappointed
by Jascha on 2017-06-07
Top quality
Recieved the shoe after 3 weeks and was blown away from the quality. Sad to say, that it didn't fit and I need to send it back. Will update this review, when i get the smaller size.
by ally baba on 2017-05-22
made for going the races in
had these made for a day watching the gee gees first time getting custom boots/shoes will be having a small collection from udandy soon a class apart
by Ben on 2017-05-17
Beautiful. Simply beautiful
I ordered a custom version of these. If anything, they look better than the photos.
I'm glad I took the "risk" on ordering. Yes, the communications after ordering are non-existent, and it will take nearer to 4 weeks than 2 to receive them. However, it's worth the wait. They are the most wonderful shoes I have ever had in my life.
by Randy on 2017-05-11
Belt Colors options
I had an issue with not being able to see the different colors for the belts when I clicked on each color swatch to match with the shoes I designed, so I did not complete my order of shoes or belts.

Ms. Sene' from Customer Care promptly addressed my issue and assured me that even though on my MacBook Pro I could not see the different colors change on my screen, that they would indeed match perfectly with the shoes I wanted to order.

Now I'm a happy camper and will continue to look to UNDANDY for my specialty shoe & accessory needs. Great job Ms. Sene' & UNDANDY !!!

P.S. Ms. Sene',
Let me know when the option for color stitching options for the belts come available like the shoes options.

San Diego,CA
by Jonathan Turner on 2017-05-11
I have just received mine 10 minutes ago and am absolutely impressed with the shoe quality. Excellent work and will surely be ordering again.
by Jan on 2017-05-07
You guys could be doing millions
Seriously guys, your product is excellent. I got mine and every single day I wear them I get compliments. Excellent price, originality, design etc. But nearly three weeks to have them shipped - I get it that they are handmade and all that but if you solve this I guarantee you, you will be selling so much more. With this said, I've learned me lesson and have just ordered three pairs in a row so I don't have to go through the waiting again because your product is really awesome!
by larry on 2017-05-05
by Joseph on 2017-04-24
Shoe review
Received these shoes about a month after ordering due to a shortage of patina leather. Love the look and feel. I have very sensitive feet due to an accident that shattered both heels. Wore them out 2 days in a row and were very comfortable. will definatly order another pair
by Nicholas on 2017-03-28
Looks amazing and fits as expected!
by Paul Shaw on 2017-03-22
Excellent customer service
I am not one to usually post reviews on sites but a promise is a promise. After having sent me the wrong shoe, (one week too late) and having asked for my refund immediately, I witnessed some of the best customer service I have experienced on a website. After some communication over email and a couple of calls, I managed to get the shoe I had originally purchased, exquisite care throuout the process and an end result that I simply did not expect. The quality of the shoe was by far one of the best I have seen at this price point, comparable even to some really high end designer brands. You have gained a customer for life at an average of 2 pairs per year. Thank you all and especially to Eve and Louise for their attention.
by John G. on 2017-03-21
Excellent work
The art of cobbling brought to the 21st century. Have just received my first pair, completely tweaked to my likings and will be ordering again soon. Thank you!
by Philipp on 2017-03-21
Looks great
Worth the time i waited. The possibility to engrave gives them its a great feature. Keep up the good work.
by Michael Hu on 2017-03-20
Takes way too long
Been waiting on these now for a month. No word from them yet. My money is taken obviously. But if you cant hold to your delivery promises you should at least notify the customer. Very disappointing
by Samuel on 2017-03-12
Pretty impressed
After nearly 3 weeks I got mine. The color is slightly different from what I expected which I believe has to do with lighting but this is one elegant and jaw dropping shoe. Thanks guys!
by Rafael on 2017-02-18
Patina effect
Coming from a true shoe aficionado, these might just be the most beautiful shoes I ever owned. The two week turnaround was actually more like three weeks but totally worth the wait. The quality and craftsmanship is truly outstanding. Congrats guys.
by Ntails on 2017-02-07
Love the shoes. Amanda promptly and professionally rectified an issue with my initial order. Thanks!
by Dio on 2017-01-16
A special one
I customized them and they look so nice & special :) Love them!
by ramon on 2016-12-22
What a shoe???
I just received my pair, totally awesome choice & style.. I love them!!
by Dio on 2016-11-30
The most beautiful shoes!
Finally got the shoes and I wasted no time to put them on. They are just stunning. Never seen this design before, unique, beautiful and very very comfortable! Love them!
by Jens on 2016-11-08
Sehr schöne Schuhe
by Carl on 2016-09-02
Great boot for a greater cause.
Well done Undandy. Can't wait to get mine.
by Fatima on 2016-07-14
Great sneakers style and love that I could choose the laces colors. One suggestion: to have the option of adding as many pairs of laces in other colors as we want so we change according to our mood, clothes...
by Robert on 2016-07-11
Awesome colors combination. Thinking I will do the same with the elastic in mustard yellow. It will look great. Loved my Chelsea Boots. Thanks
by Ollie on 2016-07-05
Basic cool
Looks like denim. And it´s super comfortable. I will order in other colors, just wanted to be able to choose a different lace color
by Tobias on 2016-07-05
Great customer service from top to bottom
Got the number wrong and they sent me another pair with the right number, no questions asked and in good timing. Will buy again for sure.
by Gongie on 2016-07-05
They got my name on it!
Don't need to say much more, no one has a pair like these, did I say they have my name on the sole? Love the brand and the concept so so cool, Kudos to the founders.
by Paolo on 2016-07-04
Sneaker addict
I am a sneaker addict so being able to design my sneaker is awesome. Just wished we could change color in different parts like we are able to do with all the shoes. But I love the result anyway. Super.
by Sven on 2016-07-04
Simple is the New black
So cool so well made, love that I could pick everything although i didn't!! Will try the shoes next.
by Marius on 2016-07-04
Awesome Customiser
Never seen a customiser with so many options. Great job. Totally satisfied and will be back for more.
by Andrew on 2016-07-01
No words. Just fell in love with my shoes and it was even more perfect when I received. Brilliant brand, brilliant tool and top concept
by Charles on 2016-07-01
I like this mix of classic with a twist. just had a little color difference between what I saw and what I got. but I guess that´s how it is. I love my shoes
by Mendes on 2016-07-01
The first of many
Easy to customise and a great customer service!
by Zachary on 2016-06-30
They are mine :)
So cool to design my trainers, this blue is so uncommon I love them, they seemed bulkier they are slimmer than they appear on the pictures.
by Spencer on 2016-06-29
Great Quality
Perfect to match my jeans! In love with them!
by Michael on 2016-06-27
Perfect for the weekend
Have imagined this type of shoes for a long time but never found the. Fortunately Undandy allows us to customise our own. Thank you so much.
by Philip on 2016-06-27
Looking for them for so long
I was looking for this green for so so long, Undandy make it so easy to customise the trainers, just a shame they did not have green soles o match the suede.
by Jason on 2016-06-24
Very Goods
Very good sneakers, the leather quality is a lot better than my Adidas and Nike really makes a difference when you wear them.
by Patrick on 2016-06-22
Everlasting style
I needed a classic style that I could use in many situations. This was perfect. Just took longer than I expected to receive. But you have a good costumer care
by Faria on 2016-06-22
colors combination
Awesome mix of colors and style. I really like these shoes and just ordered one exact the same. Thanks
by Ben on 2016-06-21
Go to sneakers
I wear them so many times I may need to buy a second pair!!
by Roberto on 2016-06-20
In love with them
Great customer service to go along with the amazing shoes. Try them, you won't regret it.
by Sergey on 2016-06-20
Love them, I was a little afraid to order the shoes from an unknown brand but they were very helpful with all my questions and the shoes are amazing, there's nothing like this in Moscow!!!
by Richard on 2016-06-17
I just love my design, they turned out so cool and the leather looks amazing, even better than in the customizer, I can only say that I have a lot of jealous friends! Service was also great by the way.