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Walk down the Aisle: Nevin Finnie

Undandy gent Nevin Finnie married his sweetheart in Los Angeles earlier this year and we asked him about the Undandys he designed for the day as well as his advice for grooms to be.

When & where did you get married?

July 27th, 2019 in Los Angeles, California at The London West Hollywood

Why did you choose Undandy?

I was looking for a hybrid type shoe and I came across Undandy which let allowed me to create my own shoe. I fell in love with the site and how easy it was to create my vision. I wanted patent leather so I could have the classic tux look and also wanted to incorporate suede to match the accent suede in the tuxedo pants, jacket, and bowtie.

What design did you go for?

I went with the 15' Oxford. All black. The upper was patent leather and quarter was suede.

What was your choice of suit?

I chose a tux by a designer from New Jersey called Henry Couture. The jacket was white with a brocade design and pearls for dimension.

Any advice for future grooms?

This is one of the most important days of your life and it should be your best-looking day of your life. Spend time months before the wedding to perfect your look although your fiancée may be the main person to choose the look. Give your input and make sure it's something "YOU" like. The details matter. Don't be cheap on your life's best look. To match your amazing look, be sure to have the confidence to match it on your special day.

Something to share that was a particularly fun or memorable moment?

I can’t believe I'm saying this but I tried my full wardrobe on days before the wedding and I practiced my bouquet toss dance alone in my living room. Music, chair, & my imaginary fiancée. I wanted to make sure I was able to move well and have enough time to make any alterations if needed.

Life philosophy?

Take advantage of what life gives you. Good or bad, life gives you a lesson which is always good. Our time on Earth is temporary so LIVE!!

From all of the team at Undandy, our warm congratulations to Nelson and his wife for sharing their story. It was an absolute honour to be a small part of the big day.

Here’s to good health, good principles, and above all, good shoes.

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