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Shoe Business Pt. 4

Rafic Daud co-founded Undandy in 2015 and is the MD of the company. Through navigating steering a start up to his favourite customer creation, discover his Undandy story below…

How did you get into the shoe business?

I had never actually worked with shoes before I started Undandy in 2015. One of the main reason I started Undandy was because as a man it is very hard to find the exact shoe one wants. The brand was co-founded by myself and Goncalo Henriques, after questioning why we couldn’t create our own shoes in the same way we customize a car, for instance. I usually challenge my friends to show me a pair of shoes that we cannot design in our platform and I’ve won most of those bets thus far, not to say all. The customizing element of Undandy allows every man to create their own shoe, to unleash their creative genius, to express themselves through their footwear, which is an integral part of a gentleman’s wardrobe. Or at least it should be!

What is the most challenging part of your role?

One of the challenges we are facing currently at Undandy is that we have exhausted our production capabilities and cannot fulfil as many orders as we are now receiving due to high demand. We are in the process of coming up with our own production line which will resolve this, but it’s a difficult challenge as we now face scalability without losing the craftsmanship and skill which is at the heart of Undandy.

Who would you most love to see in a pair of Undandys?

Roger Federer. Even as a passionate tennis enthusiast, it’s not just about being an immense virtuoso in sport… He is an absolute gentleman, the epitome of grace, style and refinement both on and off the court. And of course, naturally makes him the perfect Undandy.

What is your most memorable Undandy shoe?

Our first sale actually! It was an Irish guy who wanted to create his wedding shoes. He made the point of having the shoes crafted even before having the suit done, because he wanted the suit to match the shoes, based on the Irish flag. The storytelling behind it was amazing and the fact that we were able to craft his shoes the way he desired for the most important day of his life, and allowed us to be part of that.

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Life philosophy?

As DeNiro famously said, ‘if you don’t go you’ll never know!’ It’s something that has always stuck in my head and can be applied in both business and affairs of the heart!


Want to become a fellow cobbler? Create your own pair of shoes here.

Just remember gents to design responsibly.